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The Bedan Advisory/ FAQs webpage was created as a portal to house all the official announcements, advisories, and reminders from SBU administrators.

Amidst the latest development about the health situation in our country, the safety and security of our students, parents, faculty, and personnel are our utmost concern for every decision that we will make. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, San Beda University has made the following immediate decisions following the suspension of classes and the announcement of President Rodrigo Roa-Duterte implementing the enhanced community quarantine in our country. 

We value the suggestions and recommendations of our parents but would also like to assure everyone that all our responses and immediate actions are guided by the recommendations of COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), Department of Health, and based on the guidelines and measures provided by our city and national government. 

SBU recognizes the need to keep our stakeholders informed and updated while ensuring the relevance and timeliness of all our decisions and immediate responses. We will continue to provide regular updates through our official website and official social media platforms namely:

  • Official website:
  • Facebook: @sburizalofficial 
  • Twitter: @SanBedaUnivIBED
  • Parentline (Short Messaging System sent to registered mobile phones)


Given the uncertainty of the health situation in our country, SBU will closely monitor the most updated information or announcements from the said experts, to determine the need for updating our previously released memos, announcements and reminders to ensure that we respond accordingly and properly while keeping in mind the health and safety of our school community. 

Below are the advisories that we have released (arranged chronologically) for your information and guidance.  Thank you for your understanding and praying for the safety of everyone. 


... bring out the challenges, we'll win them all. For San Beda, our Country, and God
That in all things God may be glorified



 Date of release   Title     Social Media Link Image link

May 09, 2020


IBED Adjustments towards the New Normal in Education
for AY 2020-2021

   SBU Facebook File link

April 14, 2020


IBED Action Plan amid COVID-19 and ECQ
(including Dates to Remember for AY 2020-2021)

    PDF File link

March 30, 2020
(From Admissions and Placement Center)


Reservation Fee for AY 2020-2021
(Extended until April 30, 2020) 


March 18, 2020
12:30 am

  The advisory from the Office of the Vice President for Academics regarding the suspension of Online Classes Learning    Facebook link  
March 16, 2020
4:11 pm
  Year-end Guidelines for AY 2019-2020 (by IBED Principal's Council)    Facebook link  
March 16, 2020
5:41 am
  Extension of Suspension of Classes
by Lalawigan ng Rizal (Official)
   Facebook link  

March 13, 2020
8:54 am

  No Classes... it's GENYO time!
(Use of online learning materials prepared by the teachers)
   Facebook link  

March 11, 2020
4:47 pm

  Temporary Suspension of Classes in the entire province of Rizal
by Lalawigan ng Rizal (Official)
  Facebook link  

March 10, 2020
4:31 pm

  Suspension of classes from March 11-14, 2020 in Taytay, Rizal   Facebook (Taytay Public Information Office)   


Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Reservation Fee for AY 2020-2021

1.1. How much is the reservation fee for AY 2020-2021?

The non-refundable reservation fee is Php 2,500.00 (two thousand five hundred pesos). 
This will become part or will be deducted from your child's tuition fee upon enrollment.  


1.2. When is the deadline for payment? 

The first batch of payment will end on March 30, 2020. With the current enhanced community quarantine situation, we have extended the payment schedule until April 30, 2020


1.3. How can we pay the reservation fee for AY 2020-2021? 

Given the uncertainty of the situation, our announcement on the reservation for the coming AY 2020-2021 is for our parents with access to online resources and whose community quarantine status would allow them.

- Applicants/Parents can pay through banks (over-the-counter), mobile banking, online fund transfer, or through Metrobank App (for those with Metrobank accounts).


>> Visit our SBU Accounting webpage at for payment options and detailed instructions. 
[Online payment  |  Over-the-counter payment


1.3. What will happen if we cannot pay the reservation fee on or before April 30, 2020?

For those with limited or no access to the above-mentioned online resources and living on an area where enhanced quarantine status is implemented, SBU ensures that all these will be addressed with the utmost consideration and we shall assess the situation again after April 30, 2020, and/ or once regular office work in SBU-Rizal resumes.  We promise to keep you updated on the next payment schedules.


2. Suspension of Online Learning Classes

Based on the advisory of SBU Vice President for Academics released last March 18, 2020 (12:30 am) with the approval of the Rector-President, the online learning classes at all levels (Kinder to Graduate Schools) in SBU Manila and Rizal campuses are suspended effective March 18, 2020 (Wednesday). 

As per the directive of IBED Administrators, no additional activities will be sent by the teachers to Genyo after March 18 but the students can submit the activities until March 20 (Friday). All these will be taken into account in computing for their 4th quarter grades. 

For students with no access to GENYO learning management, SBU ensures that they will be addressed with the utmost consideration. Their Fourth (4th) Quarter grades will be based on whatever classroom assessments and other evidence recorded before the suspension of classes. 


3. Fourth Quarter Examinations

Fourth Quarter Examinations will no longer be administered. Fourth (4th) Quarter grades will be based on whatever classroom assessments and other evidences recorded. 

For students who were able to access their Genyo, the activities submitted on or before March 20, 2020 will be taken into consideration. The computation of grades will be patterned on the Grading System recommended by the Department of Education amidst the metro-wide suspension of classes. 


4. Claiming of personal belongings in school/ classroom

Once the health situation has neutralized, students and parents will be officially notified as to when they can claim their personal belongings in their classrooms through the above-mentioned communication modalities. 

Administrators and class advisers will be present to assist them. 


5. What will happen to the scheduled year-end activities? 

All school activities are canceled.
However, the following are to be rescheduled until further notice: 

- Kinder Moving-up Ceremony 
- Grade 10 Completion Ceremony 
- Grade 6 Graduation Exercises
- Grade 12 Graduation Exercises 


6. How about the Recognition Day for every year level?

With the current enhanced community quarantine and social distancing measures that are strictly implemented in the country, all Recognition Awards such as certificates and medals shall be given together with the Report Card. 

This will be scheduled to a later date that is declared safe to gather or assemble by the national authorities. 


7. Resumption of work in SBU Rizal

From June 8, 2020 onwards (until the IATF lifts the quarantine status of Metro Manila), the Registrar's Office, Admissions Office, Accounting Office, Health Office, Administrative Central Offices, MVP Information and Communication Technology Center, and other offices will resume work on campus and will adopt the following work arrangements:

a. 50% to 75% skeletal workforce and compressed workweek of 5 days (less Saturday) work arrangements.

b. Skeletal work force

c. Offices shall open at 7:00 AM and close at 4:00 PM.


8. Release of Report Cards (posted May 11, 2020; 8am)

The release of Report Cards will be sent through an Online Portal (Bedista Portal) on June 15, 2020.  The link to the online portal, instructions, and other details about the release of the Report Card will be released once available. 


9. Enrollment for AY 2020-2021 (posted May 11, 2020; 8am)

Enrollment schedule for AY 2020-2021 in IBED Rizal (Kinder to Grade 12) and in SBU Manila (Grade 11 and 12) is from June 15 until August 15, 2020. The process will be done through an ONLINE PORTAL. The link of the online portal, instructions, and other details about the enrollment will be released once available. 


10. Opening of Classes (posted May 11, 2020; 8am)

The opening of classes in IBED Rizal (Kinder to Grade 12) and in SBU Manila (Grade 11 and 12) is on September 7, 2020


11. What adjustments will be made in response to the New Normal in Education for AY 2020-2021?

There will be an innovation and modification on the teaching and learning process this AY 2020-2021. The following are just some of the LEARNING DELIVERY MODALITIES that SBU will implement this coming academic year. 

  • Online Learning
  • Modular Distance Learning
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous teaching delivery
  • Blended Learning or combination of distance learning and face-to-face);
    depending on the health situation in the country)
  • Others 

For IBED students, please check the Advisory released by the Office of the Rector-President last May 9, 2020, Re. the IBED Adjustments towards the New Normal in Education for AY 2020-2021
(Click to view the Advisory)


12. How do we view the Report Card of our child? 

Before you can proceed with the viewing of your Report Card (AY 19-20), we need to verify the authenticity of your account. Kindly accomplish the Student Verification Form by accessing the link below.
Kinder to Grade 1:
Grade 11 Rizal :
Grade 12 Rizal :
Grade 11 Manila :
Grade 12 Manila :
Once verified, we will send to you the account details of your child’s  San Beda University Microsoft E-mail account. Copy of the Report Card (AY 2019-2020) can also be found inside the said account.  
For assistance, please email us at
Please indicate the ff. details to your email:
• Name of Student
• Student No (if available)
• Short description of the error that you encountered
• Screenshot of the error that you encountered (if available)
If you're having a hard time getting the report card, kindly follow this tutorial we have prepared for you. Please click this link


Thank you and God bless.