The Science Laboratories in the Rizal Campus are located at Subiaco Hall and Montecasino Hall.


The General Science, Chemistry, Biology, Reagent room, Instrumentation room and main office are located on the 4th floor of Subiaco Hall.



The Chemistry Laboratory has a fume hood and built-in lockers. There is enough supply of chemicals to be used during laboratory experiments. The cleanliness of the laboratory room is maintained.


 The Biology Laboratory contains models of the human body, preserved specimens of animals.


The Reagent Room contains all inorganic and organic chemicals. A fume hood is located near the chemistry lab to provide exhaust for the vapor of chemicals that they be emitted when preparing solutions and mixtures.


The Instrumentation Room is situated on the 4th floor of Subiaco Hall. It is used by the laboratory investigations and mini-research requirements. It is equipped with Rotary Evaporator with recirculating chiller, electronic microscopes, autoclave, centrifuge, laboratory oven and incubator.


The Science Laboratory office serves as the reception area from students, teachers, and guests, aside from repository of apparatus.


While the Physics Laboratory is situated on the 3rd floor of Subiaco Hall. It is fully equipped with apparatus for Physics experiments


The Integrated Science Laboratory (Grade School Science Laboratory) is situated on the 2nd floor of Montecasino Hall.



Moreover, three more Science Laboratories are located on the fourth floor of the Senior High School building.




All laboratory rooms are well equipped with gas, electrical, and water outlets. They are well lighted and fully air-conditioned. Proper display and labels of the apparatus and equipment and warning signs/emergency signs for exits and precaution can be observed. Cleanliness and sanitation are well maintained to avoid chemical and biological hazards.