Policies and Guidelines




Policy for Science Laboratory Personnel

  • Face shields & masks should always be worn together in the ff act:
  • a. Issuing of reagents apparatus &equipment to the clientele
  • b. Cleaning and disinfecting the rooms and equipment
  • c. Interacting with suppliers, teachers, students, and other visitors
  • Provisions for alcohol/sanitizer will be made available at the entrance door of the laboratories.
  • Borrowed equipment may be returned to its respective storage area and cabinets only after cleaning & disinfection.
  • Equipment cannot be used or borrowed unless disinfected.
  • A face shield may be removed only according to the demands of the work
  • All documents or packages coming from the supplier must be disinfected upon receipt.
  • The laboratory rooms must be cleaned and disinfected immediately before and after each class especially the doorknobs and working surfaces.
  • Signage indicating that the room has been disinfected must be placed on the teacher’s table.


Policy for guest/supplier

  • Guests must wear face shields and masks upon entering the campus.
  • Set an appointment for any transactions (product demo, promotion, deliveries, collection, etc.) via email at sciencelab@sanbeda.edu.ph.
  • Walk-in suppliers will not be entertained.
  • Foregoing supplies/materials should be placed in the corridors or hallways/ point of entry of the Science lab for disinfection.


Guidelines for face to face classes

  • Use the designated entry and exit doors.
  • Students must wear face masks, face shields, and disposable gloves. No Entry Policy will be implemented.
  • Strictly follow physical distancing at all times.
  • A maximum of 20 students are allowed in the laboratory rooms
  • Classes must be dismissed 10-15 minutes earlier to prepare the room for the next users.


Guidelines for reservation on the online use of Anatomage.

  • The priority users are the faculty members of the College of Medicine.
  • Provide the office with the schedule of online classes.
  • Fill out the downloadable form for the use of Anatomage
  • Requests must be submitted at least 2days before the activity to avoid overlapping of schedule.
  • Only one faculty member can access the use of Anatomage at a time so the request must be done ahead of the schedule
  • All science faculty members will be given the chance to use the equipment. The office would see to it that NO faculty monopolizes the use.


Guidelines for Reservation of Rooms and Equipment

  • Fill out completely the downloadable request forms available at the Science Laboratory link on the SBU website and submit via email to the proper unit/office.
  • For Manila campus
  • IBED, CAS, COM & CON  – mnl.sciencelab@sanbeda.edu.ph c/o Ms. Roda Reyes
  • For Rizal Campus
  • GS & JHS – jhs.sciencelab@sanbeda.edu.ph c/o Almira Pineda
  • SHS – shs.sciencelab@sanbeda.edu.ph c/o Benjelyn Inocencio
  • Reservations and requests for reagents, apparatus & equipment must be done via email at least two (2)days before the performance of the activity or experiment.
  • The acknowledgment note will be sent upon receipt of emails.
  • Notify the office through email or text message for cancellation of the reservation. Available slot may be given to the next person in line.


Guidelines for the use of laboratory or lecture rooms.

  • Use the designated door for entry and exit to avoid close interaction with one another.
  • Doormat sprayed with Lysol is provided as a "step on" in the front entrance door
  • Disinfect hands with alcohol upon entry.
  • Signage indicating that the room was disinfected must be seen on the teacher’s table.
  • A marker for social distancing will be strictly followed.
  • Faculty members must inform the office upon dismissal of classes or after using the room.
  • All equipment must be cleaned before leaving the room.
  • Disposable gloves and face masks must be thrown in a separate trash bin.