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Rev. Fr. Rembert C. Tumbali, OSB
Rev. Fr. Rembert C. Tumbali, OSB
Vice President for Finance
Romeo Mary


Irene D. Dearos
Accounting Staff
Hazel O. Bernaldo
Accounting Staff


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About Us

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is an integral part of the university. It plays a vital role in meeting the research and information needs of students. It is of prime importance that students are led to the wonderful and enriching world of books and online resources. 

The Learning Resource Center is committed to ensure that learners are effective users of ideas and are empowered to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information 

We have two (2) learning resource centers that provide an environment conducive to research and study. 

We have a rich, relevant, appropriate and updated collection of materials that meet the diverse needs of students and faculty to make the teaching – learning process more meaningful. 


Print Materials
  Number of Different Titles Number of Volumes
Grade School 57,166 89,268 
Junior High School 34,368  40,350 
Senior High School 6,032  6,372 
Total 97,566  135,990
*as of June 8, 2022
Non -Print Materials
Number of Different Titles 6,875 Number of Copies 9,608 


1. Provide a wide range of updated and appropriate print, non-print and online resources subscribed by San Beda University and open access
electronic resources as additional references 
2. Avail of its online subscription to databases such as EBSCO, ProQuest, Taylor and Francis and others.
3. Conduct Online Information Literacy Sessions (library instructions) from Kinder to Grade 12.
4. Provide open access databases to meet the diverse needs of students  
5. Assist students in managing references using the different citation management tools.
6. Post updates of new materials, online resources, and services in official school communication platforms.
7. Disseminate an online annotated bibliography of new acquisitions

8. Encourage students, faculty, and administrators to use the Turnitin Feedback Studio that foster writing excellence and academic integrity. 



Online Databases and Procedures on How to Access Online Resources 

Subscribed by San Beda University


EBSCOhost Research Databases

EBSCOhost is a database of articles from more than a thousand journals. This can be accessed on / off campus.



A multidisciplinary resource featuring a diversified mix of scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, and other timely sources across the top 150 subject areas. This can be accessed on / off campus.


Britannica Online Academic Edition

An accurate, current, and comprehensive resource for students, researchers, and faculty.  Discover encyclopedia articles, full-text journal and magazine articles, primary sources, multimedia, and other unique resources and tools that make research easier and more productive. This can be accessed on / off campus.


CD Asia

Provides access to the complete databases of Philippine laws and jurisprudence comprising over 70,000 documents, through the most advanced search engine for legal databases in the country.


EBSCO eBooks Academic Collection

Offers more than 200,000 multidisciplinary ebook titles covering a large selection of academic subjects and features ebooks from leading publishers and university presses.


Taylor and Francis eBooks and Online Journals

Provides access to, and information about, selected journals from Taylor & Francis group and Routledge.



A database of specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. Can be accessed on / off campus.



Offers a variety of resources for education, lifelong learning, and academic research whether one is looking for peer-reviewed articles; full-text magazines, newspapers, and eBooks; primary source documents; and videos or podcasts.


Philippines E-Journals

A collection of academic publications of different higher education institutions and professional organizations in the country. Can be accessed on / off campus.



Newsweek provides the latest news, in-depth analysis and ideas about international issues, technology, business, culture, and politics.



Is the largest Apple-focused publishing brand in the world that combines product reviews, valuable tips, and analysis of the latest news developments, every month. This can be accessed on / off campus.


Wall Street Journal Asia

Provides coverage of global markets, politics, world news, tech, arts, and life. This can be accessed on / off campus.


TIME Magazine

Is one of the most authoritative and informative guides to what is happening in current affairs, politics, business, health, science and entertainment.



Procedures on How to Access Online Databases

1. Visit San Beda University Website (
2. Then go to ONLINE LIBRARY, then click on the database that you want to search or type the following link and login using the
provided Username and Password 
3. Click the links to search your topics 
4. Explore other options in searching your topics 
5. Click on the link to view the content 
6. Explore filtering options in the search results 
7. Searched results can be saved via PDF or HTML full text.


Learning Resource Center Personnel



New Acquisitions

 Senior High School


Junior High School


Grade School


Contact Us

For more inquires, kindly contact us:

Tel. no. : 8660-9665 to 68 local 135
GENYO User ID: sburlrc

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Johnny C. Rivera
Administrative Officer


Ma. Loida E. Dolores
Cherry T. Lazam
Central Office Staff
Francis B. Jaucian
Francis B. Jaucian
Central Office Staff
Roneth C. Villagracia
Central Office Staff


Grant S. Cabrera
Central Office Staff
Mario S. Casas
Central Office Staff
Gabriel Charles O. Solis
Central Office Staff


Grace D. Concepcion
Staff, Grade School Department
Claudine M. Ajeno
Staff, Grade School Department
Mylene H. Domdom
Staff, Junior High School Department


Michelle Dana M. Salamat
Staff, Junior High School Department
Irva Jehmelrey R. Tatel
Staff, Senior High School Department



Program Support

Integrated Basic Education Department


Guidance Connects Online Appointment System (For Consultation, Routine Interview and Referral):



Ms. Liezel D. Rodriguez, RGC

Director, Admissions, Placement, Guidance and Counseling Office


Benjamin P. Coloma III, RGC

IBED Guidance and Counseling Office Head and Grade 11




Grade School


Junior High School


Senior High School - Rizal Campus

Rizal Campus


Manila Campus



Guidance and Counseling OFFICE – Integrated Basic Education



The Guidance Services which are preventive and developmental in nature are integral to the entire educational process. They are intimately connected with the curricular and co-curricular programs, geared towards the implementation and realization of the thrust of the institution.

The IBED Guidance and Counseling Office operates as a service arm of the school. The services not only extend primarily to the students, but its clientele also includes the adult community of faculty members, administrators, service personnel of the school, parents, and alumni.

Ultimately, the IBED Guidance and Counseling Office shall be instrumental in developing Bedans to become fully human, wholly Christian, truly Filipino and globally competitive in orientation, belief and practice eventually making them useful members of the Philippine society.



These are the vital services that the office serves to answer the needs primarily of the students as well as the school community. These services are continuously enhanced in the effort to provide the best possible assistance.

1. Counseling
Counseling is the heart of the guidance services. This service establishes a professional relationship between a counselor and client in which the counselor attempts to assist the counselee to adjust to their aspects of life affecting their optimal development in social, physical, emotional, psychological, mental, career, and spiritual. This service is carried through the following activities: individual counseling, group counseling, initial intake/routine interview, follow-up and referral.


2. Appraisal/Testing
This service refers to the administration, interpretation, dissemination, and utilization of standardized psychological tests and other forms of measure that includes mental ability, achievement, aptitude, diagnostic, interest, personality, etc. Profiles are disseminated to teachers, administrators and parents to know more about the emotional-psychological profile of their students/children. An in-depth interpretation, individual and group testing are under this service.


3. Individual Inventory
Individual inventory is designed to enable school personnel to have an awareness of each student’s personality, behavior, academic performance and personal growth. It is a continuous process of accumulating pertinent data and other specific information about each student in the department from the time he/she enrolls to the time he/she graduates, transfers to another school or is dropped from the enrollment list.

4. Information Service
This service is created and implemented primarily to provide updated and pertinent data, which may be useful in designing programs to answer the developmental needs of the students. It is meant to gather and relay relevant facts needed by the members of the community, for their education, personal, social and spiritual advancement. This service includes the following: career education programs, orientation programs, guidance week celebration, and guidance informational/educational materials.

5. Career Development 
The program aims to assist the students in making the best career choice for themselves from among the many options open to them. Specifically, it assist the students in appraising their aptitude, abilities, interests and personality to enable them to make realistic career choices and develop in the student a deeper awareness and appreciation of the world of work and the dignity of honest labor.

6. Group Guidance thru Growth in Christian Personhood (GICP) Program 
This is the group guidance class provided by the IBED Guidance and Counseling Office that helps deepen the personal formation of the students. This is part of the curriculum, being a component of MAPEH in the Junior High School. There is a definite class schedule provided for the different grade/year levels.  Periodically, the GICP Program is updated and enriched. 

7. Research and Evaluation
This service is designed to formally evaluate the office’s programs and services to gauge effectiveness. By means of gathering accurate data, the office is able to recommend alternative of improving its present standards and for better planning. The GCO also assists the in the evaluation of the instructional program as well as the support programs for student development.

8.   Enrichment and Intervention
The office designs and conducts enrichment and intervention programs to enhance the student’s normal growth and development process and to improve the quality of life experienced by students with special needs. Areas that are considered essential in these programs include: basic life and coping skills and strategies, values formation, behavioral modification/management, parent formation, positive attitudes and behavior and crisis management, etc. These programs can be delivered thru seminars, trainings, forum, focus group discussion, consultation, etc. 

9.   Staff Development
This program was primarily designed with the concept of providing the counselors/facilitators and the Office Secretary activities for personal and professional advancement. In the process, this program gives them a chance to grow together in unity through sharing, keeping in mind the Benedictine values of love, prayer, and work. In doing so, become effective instruments of God in service to others.

10. Special Activity of the Institutional Guidance and Counseling Office
Guidance Week is an annual week-long institutional activity of the Guidance and Counseling Offices from the Basic Education Department to College Departments. Various activities are designed based on a specific thrust which will bring together students from the different departments. This event also includes enrichment activities for the guidance and counseling staff.


These are services translated into programs where the GCO assists the administration towards the implementation and realization of the educational goals of the school. These special programs of the office include activities that supplement the academic and non-academic programs. 

1. Recruitment, Admission and Testing
The IBED Guidance and Counseling Office shares the task of implementing the recruitment and admission activities in the department.

2. Placement
Placement in this context refers to the assigning of the students to their respective. The Guidance and Counseling Office assists the Office of the Prefect of Student Affairs in sectioning/re-sectioning of students.

3. Scholarship
The scholarship program of activities is a collaborative effort between the guidance and the principal. 

4. Psycho-Spiritual Formation of Students (Retreats/Recollection)
The counselors/facilitators have been very active and cooperative in the promotion of greater awareness of self, others, and God among the students. 

5. Assistance to Parents
Through the family council of each unit, the Principal and the IBED Guidance and Counseling Office extend assistance to the parents.

6. Homeroom Program
The Guidance Office is supportive of the program. The counselors /facilitators work with the Prefect of Student Affairs, and class advisers to plan, organize, implement, and evaluate the merits of the program. Seminar-workshops are also held to additional skills that are helpful in strengthening the homeroom. This is one way of animating the school’s charism of community life and prayer.

7. Peer Facilitators Training Program (PFTP)
This program is crafted to train Peer Facilitators to work with the Guidance Office in its service to their fellow students. Primarily, their role is to bring the Guidance office closer to the students.

8. Homeroom Officers Leadership Training Seminar (HOLTS)
The HOLTS is designed to group together all elected homeroom officers and orient them in the functions and responsibilities of true Christian leaders. This is where they get the initial feel of what it takes to become effective leaders.

9. Leadership Training and Team -Building  Seminars
The counselors/facilitators are often invited to help plan, organize, implement, and evaluate leadership training activities and team building sessions of the students.

10. Guidance Love Week (GLW)
The GLW is designed primarily for the purpose of promoting the expansion of love, in simple but fun-filled ways, among and between the members of the Bedan community.

11. Professional Assistance to Faculty and Administration
The IBED Guidance and Counseling Office also prepares annual testing activities to evaluate the instructional and support programs in the department. 

12. Internship Program
The service is geared towards helping the undergraduate students in guidance/psychology who wish to hold their practicum activities in the guidance office. 

13. Follow-up of Graduates 
There exists a mechanism in the follow-up of graduates. All the data gathered by the IBED Guidance and Counseling Office on the whereabouts of its graduates are forwarded to the Alumni Office.


AY 2019-2020 Activities

Orientation of new Bedan Parents (AY 2019-2020)


Orientation of new Bedan Students (AY 2019-2020)

Program Support
Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC)



Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC)


As part of our on-going effort to improve our process, service, and technology, we are undergoing a significant upgrade to our school system and network infrastructure,  in general. We know that these types of transitions sometimes take a lot of time, so we ask in advance for your understanding and support as we make this change.

Thank you for your continued support. God bless.



The Center manages the development of San Beda University's IT capabilities while at the same time managing IT related services in Manila and Rizal campuses. We are the newest Center in the University as we have just started operating this academic-year. To strategically position SBU towards the attainment of its goal to become a global and digital university, the former Strategic Communications Office and Campus Network offices were placed under the same Center to boost synergy in pursuit of the University's strategic development plans.


The Center is under the Office of the University Rector-President



  • Internal and External Communications
  • Development of Marketing Strategies & Campaigns
  • Development of new Systems
  • Networking services
  • Computer laboratory operations
  • IT Help Desk/ Technical Support, and
  • Other information systems needed by the different colleges and units



Most of the REQUEST FORMS are accessible only when you make use of your SBU Email account.
Make sure to login first to your account before accessing the said forms. 




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Web Browser. For best performance, you should access Red Canvas with a computer that supports the most recent web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, etc.).


Operating System. Canvas only requires an operating system that can run the latest compatible web browsers.  It is recommended to use a computer five years old or newer with at least 1GB of RAM.

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Since Canvas uses small elements of Flash, not all Canvas features may be supported on mobile devices, especially on iOS. However, Canvas offers limited support for native mobile browsers on tablet devices. For additional details, please reference the limited-support mobile browser guidelines.


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Maria Olivia S. Reyes
Maria Olivia S. Reyes


Samuel T. Gomez
Samuel T. Gomez
Staff, Registrar's Office
Ma. Shirlyn B. Beloso
Ma. Shirlyn B. Beloso
Staff, Registrar's Office



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This page is currently under construction. 




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Dra. Glizeria S. Ramirez
Dra. Glizeria S. Ramirez
School Doctor
Dr. Percival H. Pangilinan
School Doctor
Dr. Renato F. Gomez
School Dentist


Reonel T. Flores
School Nurse
Ma. Lina Angelica B. Galicia
School Nurse
Juvy V. Mendoza
School Nurse